Fasting is Hungering for God

January 16, 2021

Fasting is hungering for God. When you fast food, you help create a deeper hunger for God. There is a hunger hormone in your body that triggers when it’s time to eat. The only thing that will appease that feeling is eating. You don’t have to remember to be hungry; your body tells you! When we fast, we activate our spiritual hunger hormone. It may not feel enjoyable physically when we fast, but you are fulfilling your spiritual hunger. Every two or three hours, you’ll feel that spiritual hunger pang. When you were lost, you didn’t seek God, He sought you. But once you are saved, you get to seek Him. If you will seek Him first, He will be found by you—and do amazing things on your behalf.


Key Points

1. When you don’t pray, you go hungry for something you need. When you haven’t spent time with the Lord, you create a hunger that only time with Jesus can fill.  

2. When you don’t read the word, you are choosing to not hear His voice. Why would you pray and not want to hear Him answer you?

3. Carnality will never satisfy your need for Jesus. When your hunger for God is not fed with the right things, you will feed on the wrong things. When you don’t fill yourself with the things of God, you feed your spirit with things of the world.

4. You have to do battle for your family. You’re going to face the devil and so is your family, and if you aren’t feeding yourself with the things of Christ, you are not ready for that battle.

5. Don’t let the devil tell you that you are not important. You matter. You CAN make a difference. Sometimes the disadvantage creates a desperate hunger that Jesus sees and responds to.

6. Fasting causes you to break out of your comfort zone. Hunger will take you where nothing else will take you.

7. Fasting will move you off the sidelines and into the game. He will make a door where there was no door and will bless you in ways you never could have done without fasting.

8. When you fast, miracles WILL happen. New territory will present itself to you when you fast.

9. Fasting is not playtime. Sometimes when you fast, you will be thrust into the battle. Sometimes … all hell breaks through. When you are seeking God, be assured, the enemy is seeking to stop you.

10. Fasting is going to take you places this year you never would have gone to on your own. Your hunger will get you past your hesitancy.

11. While you hunger and fast, God will be working on your family and your breakthroughs! Some things will ONLY come out by fasting and prayer.  You have to have a hunger and a burning desire—even a desperation—for God to move.


Final Thoughts

Hunger for Jesus, feast on Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will visit your family. Sometimes you have to fight and hunger after righteousness. Are you willing to fight? Are you willing to get out of the boat and experience God like never before? Go before the Lord and renew your commitment. Tell Him to awaken you to the things of the spirit. Be willing to hunger and thirst for HIS righteousness and you shall be filled! What a powerful word to start your year. God will release miracles if you are willing to hunger for more of Him.

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