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Holocaust Survivors Rescued from Ukraine

Watch This Short Report from NBC


For Holocaust survivors in Ukraine, this attack from Russia brings back far too many memories. Having fled for their lives as children and narrowly escaping the Nazis, they seem to face a precarious future once again as they abandon their homes in search of safety. For 82-year-old Nataya and 87-year-old Boris, The Israeli organization—one of our ministry partners—Yad Ezer LaHever came through! You can read more about Y.E.L.'s rescue efforts in Ukraine in this translated article we received from the organization.


We've partnered with Y.E.L. in Israel bringing comfort to elderly Holocaust Survivors by providing food, a warm home, and even daily visits to the elderly men and women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends and partners like YOU helped us establish & stock the JFMM Central Warehouse Israel along with Yad Ezer LaHever for urgently needed food and supplies for Holocaust Survivors. And we've heard from many Israeli officials over the last couple of years sending gratitude for the compassionate work you've helped accomplish through our partnership with Y.E.L. As the world faces another treacherous disaster where elderly Holocaust Survivors are among those most at risk, we are proud to be alongside an established organization such as Yad Ezer LaHever.


“It’s not just remembering … it’s about what’s happening now,” says Nataya in the above video. I believe we can do something about what’s happening now! That’s why we’ve partnered with organizations like Y.E.L. who are on the ground, in the trenches doing the work to save lives! 


With your help, we are sending much-needed resources to Ukraine. You can help secure the rescue of Holocaust survivors like Nataya, Boris, and Lilia. You can help fund food, medical supplies, necessities, and transportation to get those resources where they need to be. 


We can do more than remember. We can do more than watch in awe. We can make a difference! Thank you for your compassionate support of the relief efforts in Ukraine.




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