Disaster Relief

Ukrainian refugees feel “comfort and faith that everything will be ok.”

This video is from the Word of Life refugee center in Rostyslav, Ukraine. Thank God for the safety and refuge this family can experience, if only for a night. They mention in the video that they don’t know what will happen next. But, like so many other refugees, they take shelter in one of the 80 Word of Life refugee centers across Ukraine that YOU, friends and partners of this ministry, are helping to sponsor, where they find a warm bed, food, and security before continuing their journey.


The video reminds us that so many men—husbands, fathers, brothers—are left behind, unable to evacuate safely. Many families are torn apart as men and women stand the line to fight for their country and their homes. And it’s a stark reminder of the war and siege taking place with an uncertain future for Ukraine.


The comfort you can give is making a difference. For example, to hear a mother say her “baby didn’t shake in his sleep at night” is all the reassurance one needs to know that helping is the right thing to do.  


Thank you for your continued support as we sponsor Word of Life and their 80+ refugee centers across Ukraine and other efforts on the ground providing food, shelter, necessities, comfort, and transportation to those in this war zone.




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