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Who is Your “Jonah”?

January 9, 2019

“Pick me up and throw me into the sea…and it will become calm.” Jnh 1:12 NIV

When Jonah boarded a ship going in the opposite direction to God’s will, the crew discovered there’s a high price to pay for allowing the wrong person into your life. So what’s the point? It’s this: God hasn’t authorized you to be somebody else’s life support system. Especially if they’re running from Him, and using you to do it! With Jesus on board you’ll make it through any storm. But when you allow Jonah on board he’ll turn your life upside down, and before it’s over you’ll risk losing everything. Do you seriously think you can fix your Jonah? No. “The Lord…prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah” (v. 17). Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to wake them up and throw them overboard. As long as you keep rescuing them, you get in God’s way. It’s pride that makes us think we can do what only God can do! Look at Jonah—while the crew was desperately throwing stuff overboard, he was sleeping! He didn’t want to be corrected, he wanted to be comfortable! Do you know someone like that? The reason they haven’t changed is because they’re not ready to! Jonah was so stubborn that he stayed in the belly of the huge fish for three days before he prayed. If that had been you, the moment you spotted “Jaws” you’d have been on your knees calling on God, right? This may be hard to hear, but sometimes the best thing you can do for your Jonah—and yourself—is to throw them overboard and let God rescue them.


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account_circle Perpetua Gundu

Thank you so much for such a powerful devotion. I also learned the hard way.

account_circle Loren Ramlochan

In response to Susan Hannawi.. I totally understand your situation. I live through it for a few years. Your responsibility is to your family first. This is why God instructed that we leave our parents and cleave (Genesis 2:24). IF you don't make a serious decision to protect your family from the influence of not just your mother, but any outside interference... there's going to be consequences. For a house divided cannot stand. Your responsibility is to your spouse and children. You have to make a serious, but prayerful decision to let your mother know that her time is up. It's a new year...so no better time for change. Hope you get this message. Praying for you and believing God for your family best 🙏🌈

account_circle Bukelwa Qwelane

Thank you Pastor for this revelation, may the Holy Spirit give me power to throw my Jonah into the sea. Your sermon made me realise that I do not have the power to change anyone but to give it all to God

account_circle Jodi Hughes

Holy Moly, I believe this is speaking to me directly.

account_circle Lissette Carreno

Thank you Pastor Franklin. God bless you and praying God will continue to use you.

account_circle Angela Stephens

what a powerful daily devotional message today. I am guilty of giving support to one of my family member for too long and it has really turned my life upside down for the worse. After reading the message today, I'm throwing him overboard and I'm going to let God rescue him.

account_circle Freddy and Doris Height

Lord I Thank you for this lesson on Jonah. Because sometimes we allow the wrong people in our lives, the ones that is running from God. No matter how tough our storm gets we cannot run from God. There a lesson to be learned here when we run from God. Sometimes we just have to block people out of our lives. We have to set our pride aside and let God do the work. We also have to be careful and listen when someone is trying to correct us. God will get our attention one way or another. Thank God.

account_circle Martisha Smith

All I can say is Wow!

account_circle Nkwateleng Mohau

"Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to wake them up and throw them overboard. As long as you keep rescuing them, you get in God’s way. It’s pride that makes us think we can do what only God can do!" Thank you Pastor Jentezen for talking to me.

account_circle Susan Hannawi

I don't really know what to make of this but when my grandmother passed away my mother moved in with me for good. I know I can not throw her out on the street but she gets involved in everything. She embarrasses me in front of my mother in law multiple times. She feels she can say and do whatever with no problem and she spoils my little one. I have a 3 year old who is very attached to her. She has bee living with me for over a year now and don't know how to send her on her way. I told her many times even back in August that she can not stay with me forever and its just not a healthy situation. I have 4 children, a husband and my mother who is witness to everything. I need to know what to do ... she makes me feel guilty and I don't know why when she was the one that abandoned me from 14-18. I would only see her in the summers, because she left me and my father and moved to Turkey. My dad got remarried and I endured the most horrible teenage years because of his wife and had an absent mother and a father who was so afraid to stick up for his daughter in fear of his new wife... I am doing my daughterly duties by not kicking my mother out but at the same time I feel like she feels entitled and that I have to do this for her.. I feel like she really is getting too comfortable and is not planning on going anywhere. She is 62..

account_circle Ralph and Teresa Mabry


account_circle [[Unknown]]

Lord help me to be humble and not stubborn

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