Daily Devotion

October 16, 2023

When you feel angry (2)

“Cease from anger…it only causes harm.” Ps 37:8 NKJV


Your anger may or may not hurt the person toward whom it’s directed, but it can definitely hurt you. Prolonged anger releases toxic chemicals into your body that elevate your blood pressure, create cholesterol, and increase your risk of stroke and heart attack. Every minute given to anger is a minute taken away from joy. And it can hurt you personally and professionally. Everybody gets upset from time to time. But when you walk around with your anger barely concealed, people avoid you. Plus, you’re giving whoever angers you power over your attitude and your responses. That’s too much power to give anybody! God wants you to live in peace. Here is how to let go of your anger: (1) Recognize the main hurt and emotion at the root of your anger. (Pride?). (2) Become mindful of how your anger is exhibiting itself (such as surliness or profanity). (3) Restrain anger’s effect on your body by inhaling deeply and exhaling, adding an affirmation such as “Thank you, Father” or “I receive Your peace now.” Watch your tone of voice in all your communications, not just with someone who has angered you. Request rather than order. You will feel more in control, and people will be more inclined to cooperate with you. (4) Decide to forgive. You will know you have forgiven when you no longer desire to see your offender penalized. Don’t mistake this with the reality that you still feel hurt. Feelings follow behavior. If you continue to reopen the wound by constantly talking about it, it will never heal. Just keep walking in love, and your emotions will fall into line with your decision.