Daily Devotion

May 8, 2015

Walk by Faith (2)

“We walk by faith, not by sight.”        2Co 5:7 NKJV

When you decide to fly to a certain destination, these things all have to work together: (1) You must identify the right airline and flight schedule that will get you to your intended destination. (2) The plane must operate on a timetable that tells you when it’s leaving and when it’s arriving, and that the pilot has the route worked out in advance. (3) The airline has to set a price that you can afford to pay. Then they put your name in a computer, and everything is ready to go. But here’s what’s not going to happen when you arrive at the airport. You’re not going to ask them to explain how the plane works; what buttons the pilot plans to push and what the equipment will do when he or she pushes them. You’re not going to check on the route they plan to take, or ask how fast they plan to fly, or how high, or whether the pilot plans to fly by manual control or autopilot. You’re not going to argue about the price after you’ve already made your reservation and paid your fare. Why? Because you’re confident that the equipment is sound and the pilot is experienced; you know you’ll safely reach your destination. You say, “What if the plane goes down?” If you’re a redeemed child of God, you go up! “To depart, and to be with Christ …is far better” (Php 1:23). Either way, you win. Basically, you put your trust in the plane, the pilot, and the airline. And today God is asking you to do the same with Him—no more and no less!