Daily Devotion

Try to slow down (2)

May 3, 2022

“Whoever believes will not act hastily.” Isa 28:16 NKJV


Every time you get in a hurry mode, you send a “state of emergency” signal to your body. And it responds by releasing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol that prepare you to deal with danger. The body cannot distinguish between physical danger, or the danger of losing your job, or any other form of stress and pressure. It only knows that action has to be taken and that it must energize you to deal with it. Now, this is a good thing if you’re indeed physically threatened. But to live with your body constantly on high alert is like fighting a fifteen-round nonstop boxing match. Sooner or later, you pay the price in the form of heart disease, ulcers, forgetfulness, and a multitude of other conditions. What’s the cure? A-B-C: Awareness, Belief, Change. Become aware of your continual high-gear mode and what part you play each time you hurry. Ask yourself, “How could I have prevented this?” Believe that the Holy Spirit will give you victory if you ask Him and begin to change your behavior. Change—consciously slow down. Talk slower, move slower. “Haste makes waste.” Haste causes duplication of work, accidents, and other things that result in wasted time. Question: Are you speed-reading today’s devotion? If so, this is the word for you today: Try taking twice as long to read and meditate on what you’re reading, and ask God, “What are you saying to me? What changes do you want to bring about in my life? In what ways do you want me to improve?” God is not in a hurry, so slow down and get in sync with Him.