Daily Devotion

May 9, 2022

Take the tithe test

“‘Bring the whole tithe…Test me in this.’” Mal 3:10 NIV


Gangaram Mahes became known in New York as the “Serial Eater.” This immigrant loved elegant dining but didn’t have the money to pay for it. Instead of denying his appetite, he merely walked into a fine restaurant, ordered the best meal on the menu, the finest wines, and the costliest desserts, and ate and drank to his heart’s content. When the tab arrived, he simply told the waiter that he wasn’t able to pay the bill. The police would arrive, arrest him, and he received at least a few days of free meals in the local jail. Guess what: Our churches are full of people who drink the milk of God’s blessing, eat the steak of God’s kindness, savor the dessert of God’s love—and don’t even “tip” Him 10 percent. Don’t be one of them! When you give God the first 10 percent of your income, a divine dynamic comes into play. God blesses the 90 percent you have left, and it goes much further than your 100 percent without His blessing. Does that mean God will give you back more money than you gave Him? Not necessarily, but He does promise to bless you more than you have ever dreamed possible. It may be with good health, or favor with your boss, or guidance for your life, or protection for you and your loved ones. God says: “‘Bring the whole tithe…Test me in this…see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.’” Go ahead; take the tithe test.