Daily Devotion

July 1, 2016


Have you ever been stuck in an in-between season? Maybe you would say life isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either. Each week brings about the same cyclical routine, and if you’re honest you may say you are in a spiritual “dry patch.”

You are not alone. If you are a Christian long enough, you will undoubtedly encounter these seasons of indifference. But we must realize these seasons are not an excuse to pull away from the presence of God, but rather, a time to press in.

There is something to be said when someone who is going through an emotionally charged situation turns to the Lord and His word. That is wonderful, and we should all do so. But equally as important is the person who, though their feelings may lead them to complacency and isolation from God, their faith leads them to crack open their bible anyway.

Knowing God is so much deeper than strapping yourself in for an emotional ride. There will be times where you may not feel Him. Seek him anyway. Maybe your prayers feel like they hit a brass wall. Pray them anyway. Continue to commit scriptures to memory, even if for the time being they feel like nothing more than words on a page.

Jesus, himself, walked through a barren land. Immediately after being commissioned into ministry, He was led into the desert. The craziest part? It was all a part of God’s plan.

When He got there, He was greeted by temptation, face to face with the enemy himself. How did He defeat Lucifer? By the Word of God. In His “dry season” the word of God was His transportation out. And it will be for you and me alike.

As life tends to do, you will eventually exit that season of barrenness. Sometimes a valley awaits, and sometimes a mountain. But there is something so precious in knowing that come hardship or prosperity, God’s plans for a hope and a future are awaiting you if you seek Him today, in the midst of not feeling like it.

He allows us these seasons to transform our faith from fickle feelings, to a strong, immovable foundation. If you seek Him, you will find Him. And there is no greater feeling than that.