Daily Devotion

January 8, 2018

Secrets of self-control (5)

“Share each other’s burdens.”         Gal 6:2 NLT


Make yourself accountable to someone. Alcoholics Anonymous has a “buddy system” in which you are encouraged to call someone whenever you feel the pressure building to return to an old, destructive pattern. And it’s scriptural: “Share each other’s troubles” (v. 2 TLB). You may not like this step, but if you are fighting a losing battle you need it. Find someone who will check up on you, pray with you, and encourage you in areas where you want more self-control. “Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone” (Ecc 4:12 GNT). Every church needs “buddy” relationships in which people are accountable to each other; relationships in which people encourage one another in the Lord. Having someone hold you accountable is tough, but it works. What should you look for in a “buddy”? First, they should be the same gender as you. You don’t need to place another temptation in your path by sharing personal problems with someone of the opposite sex. Second, you should look for someone you can depend on to follow through on this commitment—someone who is faithful. Third, look for someone who will keep your problem confidential. Don’t choose someone who is known to talk too much. Fourth, tell your buddy that he or she has permission to check up on you from time to time and ask, “How are you doing with your problem?” Knowing that someone will be asking about your problem is an additional incentive not to give in to temptation. That may be the extra push you need to get you moving on the road to victory and self-control.