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Daily Devotions

Relationships (1)

January 06, 2017

“I will make a helper suitable for him.” Ge 2:18 NIV Adam lived in a perfect world, yet he was incomplete. So God created “a helper suitable for him.” And since God made you with a core need for companionship, He can introduce you to the right person. But you must be willing to consult Him, follow His guidance, and wait for His timing. That’s not always easy. Some of us find it easier to be unhappy than to be alone. Driven by unfulfilled longings, we make rash decisions that end up hurting us. It’s impossible to make a good decision when you’re motivated by the fear of being alone or of being rejected. There’s nothing wrong with feeling the need to be needed by another person, or to share your life with someone. Don’t let anyone convince you that your need to love and be loved is a weakness. God created man to “multiply,” and it takes two to do that. We are incomplete without one another. A respected counselor writes: “We [must] become willing to open up and let ourselves be loved…let ourselves have needs. Today it’s more fashionable to act as if you don’t need anyone. But God says you do. And since He introduced people to one another throughout Scripture, that gives you a right to pray and believe He will do the same for you.” So pray and believe that God has someone “suitable” for you; someone who fits where you are and will fit where you’re going. When you find the person God has in mind for you, you’ll discover strengths and gifts in yourself you never knew existed.


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account_circle Maria Gombas

Thanks today's devotion touched my soul deeply. I am waiting for starting the FAST on Sunday with you guys :-) Maria from Hungary

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