Daily Devotion

September 11, 2013

Peace in the Time of Terror!

“My future is in your hands.” Ps 31:15 NLT

September 11, 2001, Americans awoke to scenes of horror that would remain enduringly etched on the national memory. Its shock waves told the world that things would never be the same again. Sleepy eyes stared transfixed as television brought home the collapsing twin towers with their thousands of innocent occupants, the deadly attack on the Pentagon, and the cruel fate of an airliner and passengers hurtling into a rural Pennsylvania field. Unexpected, swift and violent, these attacks shook people to the core and exemplified a jarring new reality: the proliferation of universal terrorism. Fears of suicide bombers, chemical and biological attack still reverberate through our world of high-tech, security-conscious cities, airports, trains and bus terminals. King David faced the threat of conspiracy from both his enemies and his friends. Feeling abandoned, alone and vulnerable, he cried out, “There is terror on every side” (Ps 31:13 NIV). King, warrior and giant-slayer, David still felt the palpable terror of his situation. Frightened, he refocused his thoughts and heart to the source of real protection. “But, I am trusting you, O Lord” (v. 14 NLT). Afraid, but still trusting! And choosing to trust restored his perspective. “My future is in your hands” (v. 15 NLT). His litany of fears gave way to faith and prayer. “How great is the goodness you have stored up…You lavish it on those who come to you for protection” (v. 19 NLT). “You hide them in the shelter of your presence, safe from those who conspire against them” (v. 20 NLT). In Jesus, you’ll find peace in the time of terror!