Daily Devotion

July 31, 2015

Making Yourself Look Good (2)

“If we could control our tongues.”                                  Jas 3:2 NLT

When you’re upset, it’s tempting to “hand out other people’s dirty laundry.” But making yourself look good at somebody else’s expense always backfires. One Christian author observes: “That righteous feeling turns to shame faster than you can walk away, hang up the phone, or hit ‘send.’…I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to get control over your tongue. I wish someone had warned me to stop talking and start praying.” A lady named Michelle learned her lesson the hard way. She was having lunch with a co-worker at a restaurant and they visited the ladies’ room. While they were fixing their hair they started to talk about people at work who drove them crazy. Immediately Michelle launched into a diatribe about Beth, a co-worker who had no idea how much trouble she created for the rest of the team. As Michelle prepared to launch into more specifics, a stall door opened and out walked Beth, flushed and upset. In a split second what felt like a pressure-relief session turned into an embarrassing mess…Beth ran out in tears, and Michelle couldn’t take back the words she’d said. Beth never returned to work, and the next day she resigned. While her co-workers openly cheered at what they considered to be good news, Michelle was miserable…She tried to call Beth, and even wrote a letter of apology, but there was no response. And what’s worse, Michelle is a Christian and Beth made no such profession. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated (See Mt 7:12). What goes around comes around, and idle chatter will surely come back to haunt you.