Daily Devotion

Laughter—God’s prescription for stress!

September 7, 2020

“A cheerful disposition is good for your health.” Pr 17:22 TM

Author Barbara Johnson said, “Laughter is like changing a baby’s diaper. It doesn’t permanently solve the problem, but it makes things more acceptable for a while.” One day, comedian/author David Brenner was signing books. A young man handed him a newly purchased copy to be signed and said, “I want to thank you for saving my life.” Without giving it much thought, Brenner replied flippantly, “That’s okay.” But the young man stood his ground and said, “No, I really mean it!” Brenner stopped signing and looked at him. The young man continued: “My father died. He was my best friend. I loved him and couldn’t stop crying for weeks, so I decided to take my own life. The night I was going to do it, I happened to have the television on and you were hosting The Tonight Show. I listened to your opening monologue, and the next thing I knew I was laughing hysterically. I realized then that if I was able to laugh, I was able to live. So I want to thank you for saving my life.” Humbled and grateful, Brenner shook his hand and said, “No, I thank you.” The Bible says, “A cheerful disposition is good for your health.” Experts confirm that laughter boosts your immune system, enhances your memory and learning abilities, relieves tension, slows your pulse rate and blood pressure, releases endorphins that reduce pain, decreases anxiety and stress, puts people at ease, and brings unity. Furthermore, the effect lasts for eight to twelve hours. It promotes emotional healing, and best of all—it’s fun. That’s why laughter is God’s prescription for stress!