Daily Devotion

May 5, 2013

Keep Your Vision Alive!

“We grope…feeling our way like men without eyes.” Isa 59:10 NIV

The Pilgrim Fathers who founded America landed at Plymouth Rock full of vision. The first year they established a town, the next year they elected a town council. In their third year the town council proposed building a road five miles out into the wilderness for westward expansion. But the townspeople criticized it as a waste of public funds. Amazing! Once they had been able to see across oceans to new worlds, now they couldn’t see five miles down the road. What happened? They failed to keep their vision alive. How can you keep that from happening to you?
(1) Keep your vision before you at all times. “Write the vision and make it plain…that he may run who reads it” (Hab 2:2 NKJV). Your vision is the road map for your life. So write it down, read it regularly and keep it before you at all times. (2) Make sure the vision is yours, not somebody else’s. In the name of being “sensible,” or “practical,” many of us ignore our God-given desires. We undertake a career to please our parents, our spouses, or others. That may make you dutiful, but it won’t make you successful. You cannot fulfill a vision that is not your own! (3) Believe in yourself even when others don’t. You may succeed if nobody else believes in you, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself. No matter how old you are, always stay young at heart. Pearl S. Buck said, “The young do not know enough to be prudent, therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it generation after generation.”