Daily Devotion

June 6, 2015

It All Belongs to God (4)

“To the Lord your God belong the heavens…the earth and everything in it.”   Dt 10:14 NIV

When it comes to our money, we like to think, “I earned it, so it’s mine.” But that’s where you’re dead wrong! The Bible says: “To the Lord your God belong the heavens…the earth and everything in it.” “Yours, O Lord, is the greatness…the power… the glory…the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours” (1Ch 29:11 NIV). “The silver…and the gold is mine, declares the Lord Almighty” (Hag 2:8 NIV). Riches are like Monopoly money; if you’re better than your competition you end up with the deeds to the most expensive properties. But guess what? At the end of the day when the game is over, the participants leave the table and all the stuff goes back in the box. And if you were overly aggressive, the other players may end up not liking you. Here’s a humbling Scripture: “Don’t be impressed with those who get rich and pile up fame and fortune. They can’t take it with them; fame and fortune all get left behind. Just when they think they’ve arrived and folks praise them because they’ve made good, they enter the family burial plot where they’ll never see sunshine again. We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long. Like our dogs, we age and weaken. And die” (Ps 49:16-20 TM). The God who owns it all gives it to us for two reasons: (1) To enjoy. (2) To invest into fulfilling His purposes on earth. When we live with that attitude, we replace fear with faith in God.