Daily Devotion

March 12, 2013

Getting Serious About God (1)

“The believers met together in the Temple every day.” Ac 2:46 NCV

It’s estimated that there are over half a billion practicing Christians in the world. But the church wouldn’t even exist today if it hadn’t been for a small group of disciples who were sold out to Christ. The things of God were not a part-time interest or a convenience-based commitment to those early Christians, but their highest priority. If you want to get serious about God, stop and reflect on what they took seriously.
They took church seriously. “The believers met together in the Temple every day.” Question: Are you a hit-and-miss churchgoer? Do you get upset if the service exceeds an hour or the preacher takes an extra ten minutes? Is once-a-week your limit? Not for these New Testament Christians! So what drew them? The temple’s orchestra and choir? Cutting-edge media or youth programs? Did they have more time and less responsibility than we have? No, everything about their life was harder, took longer, and was less convenient. Yet their encounter with Jesus so transformed their priorities that, “Every day they continued to meet” (v. 46 NIV). They hungered to gather in the presence of the Lord, believing His promise, “Where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them” (Mt 18:20 NLT). Taking God seriously requires regular involvement with other Christians, experiencing this unique aspect of His presence, hearing His Word together, and encouraging one another (See Heb 10:25). You need that special dimension of fellowship with God that happens only when His family gathers together with Him.