Daily Devotion

May 1, 2018

Fourteen questions about your assignment

“For this reason I was born.”            Jn 18:37 NIV


When you know what your God-given assignment in life is, and that God is on your side, you become virtually unstoppable. Will you make mistakes? Sure, but God loves you enough to correct you, redirect you, and get you back on track. “How do I go about discovering my assignment?” you ask. Here are fourteen helpful questions to ask yourself: (1) What desires have been living in me most of my life? (2) What motivates me to work hard and be productive? (3) What keeps me going forward when I’m worn out? (4) What makes me refuse to quit when I meet with resistance? (5) What do I do that doesn’t seem like work? (6) What do I do that brings a positive response and support from people? (7) What am I doing or what’s happening in my life when doors seem to open automatically and effortlessly? (8) What do wise leaders and godly counselors think about my work? (9) What makes me feel good about being who I am? (10) What makes my creative juices flow? (11) What am I willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish it? (12) What am I doing that I’d be proud to offer for God’s approval? (13) What would I do without being paid for it if I could afford to? (14) What would I be willing to withstand Satan on in order to accomplish? Prayerfully consider these fourteen questions, and they will shed light on your God-given assignment in life.