Daily Devotion

Does My Vote Matter?

September 12, 2016

Over the last 50 years the church has lived through some of the most dynamic culture shifts imaginable. In fact, 50 years ago the evangelical church never would have believed that much of what is considered legal and right today could have been possible.


A handful of judges have literally reshaped the American landscape into a near secularist society. We watched as the following events happened one decision at a time:

  • Prayer in Schools – Rejected and redacted
  • The Ten Commandments – Rejected and removed from public places
  • Presence of a Creator in Science – Rejected and redacted
  • Creationism as a theory in schools – Rejected
  • Christmas Vacation – Winter Break
  • Easter Vacation – Spring Break
  • Christian Prayer at Graduation – Rejected and punishable
  • Sanctity of Life – Rejected
  • Sanctity of Marriage – Redefined

This reshaping of America happened one decision at a time. Decisions matter. Every believer should decide right now to vote in this year’s election. This is a crucial time for us to fast and pray for our nation.