Daily Devotion

June 19, 2016

Dad, bless your children!

“Son, your sins are forgiven.”

Mk 2:5 NKJV

Old Testament fathers placed their hands on their children’s heads and spoke certain promises over them, believing the blessing of God can be passed from one generation to another. It’s why “Isaac called Jacob, and blessed him” (Ge 28:1). It’s why Jacob refused to die before blessing his grandchildren (See Ge 48:14). Children without caring, involved fathers often spend their whole lives searching for a sense of identity and self-worth. Increasingly they’re finding them in the company of rebellious peer groups, street gangs, drug dealers, and on social media and the Internet. And we see the results of it all around us. Instead of fulfilling their God-given destiny, these kids become defined and labelled by a lifestyle such as “runaway,” “convict,” “troublemaker,” “addict.” Before Tupac Shakur, the rap artist known for his violent song lyrics, was gunned down in 1996, he said, “I never knew my real father. I know for a fact that if I’d had a father, I’d have some discipline [and] more confidence. Your mother can calm you down, reassure you…But you need a man to teach you how to be a man.” When a man was brought to Jesus for healing, before He forgave and healed him, He called him “son.” He didn’t say, “You’ve got to clean up your act,” or “You must do things My way.” No, He established a relationship with the man by showing him love and acceptance. And as a father you need to do the same. Loving and accepting your kids as they are, without conditions and condemnation, is the greatest gift you can give them.