Daily Devotions

Celebrate Your Progress!

October 31, 2018

“Be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude].” Ro 12:2 AMPC

Lasting change doesn’t come through human effort, frustration, self-hatred, guilt, or beating yourself up over your failures. It comes from having your mind renewed daily by the Word of God. If you’re a consistent Bible reader, you’ll grow spiritually. As you agree with God and believe what He says in His Word, you gradually begin to change. It just happens. You start to think differently, talk differently, and act differently. But you must be patient because it’s a process that develops in stages. And you must learn to enjoy life while you’re going through the transformation process. Many of us look like we’re walking a tightrope rather than a pathway of peace. No, enjoy where you are on your way to where you’re going! Don’t waste all your “now time” trying to rush into the future. Jesus said that tomorrow will have challenges of its own (See Mt 6:34). Perhaps you’re thinking, “If only I didn’t have this problem, I’d be happy.” What are you wrestling with? An out-of-control appetite? Resentment? Fearfulness? Maybe you’re saying, “If I could get this habit under control I’d be fine.” Just like Israel conquered the Promised Land one city at a time, you conquer your weaknesses one day at a time. Paul said, “So that I might finish my course with joy” (Ac 20:24). Paul wanted to be all that God called him to be—but he wanted to enjoy the process. So instead of getting discouraged about how far you still have to go, learn to celebrate your progress along the way.

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