Daily Devotion

April 7, 2018

Be creative

“They made an opening in the roof.”          Mk 2:4 NIV


Mary Engelbreit always wanted to illustrate children’s books, but a school guidance counselor told her, “You can’t do that. Be practical. Get a degree and teach.” Mary started working at an art shop, learned all about the business, and got to know artists who made a living doing what they loved. Bolstered by the support of her parents, she told herself, “You can become an artist. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.” By refusing to let obstacles on the conventional path to success hold her back, Engelbreit became a nationally recognized artist and launched her own magazine. Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Learn to think outside the box, and remember, inspiration comes with perspiration! Expect problems, and don’t let them weaken your resolve. Four men who couldn’t get their paralyzed friend to Jesus because of the crowd “made an opening in the roof…lowered the mat the…man was lying on.” Jesus saw faith in action, and rewarded it by healing the man. You can find a way around almost anything when you give legs to your prayers and persevere. Rebecca Barlow Jordan says: “True creativity doesn’t stop at the stage of inspiration. Many wannabes have tried and failed, because they failed to overcome the hindrances. The true artist sees the completed picture by faith. All of us are artists, and God has work for us to do. [He] encourages us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But the true blessing comes not just in knowing we’ve overcome…[it’s] when creativity validates its divine origin and brings honor to God.”