Daily Devotion

November 26, 2012

Are You Stressed Out About Money? (2)

“I am the Lord…who teaches you to profit.”                           Isa 48:17 NAS

The best way to overcome financial anxiety is by trusting God to meet all your needs. You say, “That’s nice, but what does God know about my business?” More than you think! He’s the CEO of the whole world. When it comes to successful systems, nobody knows more than He. He created the universe in such precise order that if one star moves two degrees out of orbit without His permission, the whole thing dissolves into cosmic chaos. Yet when He needs to move a star, He can do it like He did for the wise men that first Christmas. Wall Street could learn a thing or two from Him! Here’s part of His résumé: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go.” If you want to become more profitable, go into partnership with God. Does that mean you can just stay home from work, go fishing, and God will pay your mortgage? No, God doesn’t reward laziness and inefficiency! The story’s told of a pastor who stopped by to admire the garden of one of his parishioners. “Isn’t God’s handiwork wonderful?” he said. The parishioner thought about it for a moment and then replied, “Yeah, but you should have seen it when God had it all by Himself.” Understand this: (1) You’ve got to get up and go to work. (2) You’ve got to consult God before you make decisions. (3) You’ve got to honor God with your tithes and offerings (See Mal 3:8-12). (4) When you’ve done your best, you’ve got to trust God with the rest.