Daily Devotion

April 6, 2017

April Partner Letter

Dear Friends,


So many nights I have watched the evening news and seen the devastation that global terrorism has left in its wake. The “War on Terror” has been raging for years now and, like you, I have watched from the safety of my own living room while people’s lives are being ravaged. I have often prayed for these people living in lands where the name of Jesus is heard only in hushed tones as part of the underground church. There have been many times I have prayed for something I could do . . . something WE could do as a ministry.


I am so excited to share with you this month how God has opened a miraculous door and a window of opportunity and reach deep into ISIS territory with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


For years we have been sending our messages to foreign nations around the globe translating into Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. We currently broadcast throughout Iran in Farsi, which is a Persian dialect spoken by 58% of the country. But now we have an open door to take the Gospel to an additional 280 million people in the Middle East who speak Arabic. This is a region where 90% of the population is Muslim. But it won’t stop there! The message will also reach Arab speaking people throughout the world – an estimated 420 million people total – through the network website, mobile app, and IPTV’s such as Roku.


We are about to make history in this ministry and reach deep into ISIS territory with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Many times, Christians in the Middle East are ostracized from their families and friends. They have no place to worship. But in the privacy of their homes, they can hear the Gospel teaching in their own language . . . they can even share that gospel to reach non-believers. 


Because of a miraculous open door and a narrow window of opportunity, we are about to make history in this ministry and reach deep into ISIS territory with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


When we were presented with this opportunity, we learned about one man in a Middle Eastern country who welcomes 20 people into his home every 2 hours to watch Christian broadcasting. It’s the only way they can hear the Word of God—and they are hungry for more! When I heard that, it confirmed in my heart that we must take Kingdom Connection in Arabic into the Middle East.


God, never let us take for granted the freedom we have in this country!

You and I are called by God to reach the nations. The Great Commission says it like this:


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.

And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.


Matthew 28:19-20


In Acts 8:26-40 there is a story where Philip encounters an Ethiopian who stopped on the side of the road to be baptized. After Philip helped him understand the scriptures he asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” And the Ethiopian said, “How can I, unless someone guides me?”


How thrilling is it to know that Ethiopia is one of the countries our broadcast will reach!


Just like Philip some 2000 years ago,

We, too, will be “guiding” Ethiopians to an understanding of Jesus!


This is where you come in as our faithful partner in this ministry. Help us answer the call to reach the nations by helping us expand our broadcast into a brand new language. The harvest is great and so incredibly timely, but the window of opportunity is narrow. Help us answer the call, go behind enemy lines, and be a part of history in the making!


With your gift of any amount this month, you will be sending the gospel into the heart of ISIS territory in the native Arabic language of more than 280 million people living there! I believe God is calling us all to something greater, and that’s why I’ve enclosed a free gift for you. I want you to hear A Cry for Help. Go online and download this message TODAY.


God knows the heart and desperation of the Arabic people. He sees the deep need for repentance and salvation in these Muslim countries. We must hear their cry and send the message of Jesus Christ.


If you hear the cry for help as I do from this war-torn region, you can help us make this move even faster by sending your special gift of $45 or more. When you send your sacrificial gift, we want to thank you with my Go Into All the World gift set. You’ll receive one of my all-time most requested series I Am, I Must, a 2-CD set that will encourage the call of God on your life to fulfill His mission for you! You’ll also receive our limited edition Great Commission candle. Light this candle and be reminded that YOU are sending the light of the world into a region where 90% of the population is Muslim and answering the call of God on your life to reach the nations.


We cannot do everything. We cannot stop every attack. We cannot promise tomorrow to the children of Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan . . . but together we can do something. We can send hope for tomorrow. We can send the only message for true deliverance. We can see Muslims saved. Our friend Rafaat said, “You must translate your message into Arabic and send it to the Middle East. The message of salvation through Arabic Christian TV is the best counter-terrorism measure we have.”


Help us make history in this ministry and reach deep into ISIS territory with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


In His Service




Jentezen Franklin


P.S. We want to do this as soon as we can. We believe God has opened this door and we want to walk through it, but we can’t do that without your help. Please let us hear from you soon with your best gift. Remember this is not a one-time project; we want to broadcast in Arabic at least once a week as long as we can