Assigned Reading

Right People, Right Place, Right Plan: Chapter 12 and 13 

Underline or highlight parts of each chapter that have meaning for you and feel free to write in the margins when something has special appeal or something is revealed to you about your life and situation. 


Bible Reading

  1. Ephesians chapter 5
  2. Psalm chapter 22


Watch the Following Videos


Spend the next 12-15 minutes in worship and contemplation, thinking on the things from this week’s activities.


Please Answer the Following Questions

  1. Give a brief summary of your Bible Readings for lesson 7.
  2. List 3-5 key points that were discussed in the book readings and videos and then give your understanding for each of those key points.
  3. In chapter 12 the statement was made: Deception is Satan’s number one weapon. Explain your understanding of the word “deception.”
  4. How have you seen Satan deceive you in your life?
  5. Deceptions are simply lies dressed up as something true. What are some lies about yourself that you once thought were true? What helped you to see what was true? 
  6. What lies about yourself are you struggling with right now? How can I help you see and live past that lie(s)?
  7. If you are married, be sure to pay close attention to the marriage assassins mentioned in chapter 12. 
  8. Based on what you have learned in this week/lesson, are there any areas of your life or anything that you will begin to do or think of differently?
  9. Ask any question or make any comments to your instructor for feedback. 


Submit a one paragraph minimum reflection on this lesson, along with your answers to the questions above, by clicking on the "Contact Instructor" button located below. After you have submitted your answers, you will receive a personalized response from your course instructor based on your answers.


Reflection should include the following:  

  1. What you learned 
  2. What had the most value for you or applied to your life 
  3. Any other take-aways


Move on to lesson eight when you're ready.