Right People, Right Place, Right Plan

Unlock Your Full Potential Through Strategic Influence


Get ready to tap into your supernatural gift of spiritual discernment to fulfill your purpose as a child of God.


This study stream accompanies the book Right People, Right Place, Right Plan by bestselling author Jentezen Franklin. Through this 8-lesson study, you will learn the central keys to discerning the voice of God in your situation and discover how to respond with insight and unwavering faith.


Each lesson has been carefully and strategically designed to give you a broad understanding of the topics while also causing you to personally examine how these topics apply to your life and encounter the breakthrough you're looking for! This is a self-paced class so you may finish in less than a week or you may take longer as life allows.


Each lesson contains:

  • Assigned readings from the book Right People, Right Place, Right Plan
  • Daily Bible readings
  • Videos to enhance your learning
  • Questions to encourage spiritual growth
  • Interaction with your course instructor


Go to the Lesson 1 tab and begin your course! Please know we are praying for you and excited for all the Lord is going to do IN you and THROUGH you in these eight lessons! 

Lesson 1

Chapters 1, 2 and 3

Lesson 2

Chapter 4

Lesson 3

Chapter 5

Lesson 4

Chapter 6

Lesson 5

Chapter 7 and 8

Lesson 6

Chapter 9, 10 and 11

Lesson 7

Chapter 12 and 13

Lesson 8

Chapter 14 and 15