I never believed I was worthy of healing...

May 21, 2018

During my recent pregnancy, I was diagnosed multiple times with two very serious life-threatening medical conditions that were endangering my life, and the life of my unborn child.  I was consumed by fear and anxiety, worried that I may not survive, my baby may not survive, and if something were to happen to me - who would raise my child?


Then came the fast. I began fasting for healing. I heard that Pastor Franklin would be laying hands on people and praying for them during The Miracle Service. I knew that I had to attend this service. I believed 100% that my faith would heal me if hands were laid upon me. During The Miracle Service, God gave me an image of the woman with the issue of blood. God reminded me that her faith is what healed her. Moments later, Pastor Franklin began preaching about that very same story - about the woman whose faith made her well. At that moment, I knew The Lord was speaking to me. I went through the prayer line, believing and expecting for a miracle.


The following day, I had an appointment with my doctor to reveal the full extent of the health crisis I was facing. All of my results came back clear. There were no signs of either life-threatening medical condition. Both conditions were completely gone. Another ultrasound was performed a few days later, and sure enough - I had been HEALED. 


I am so thankful to Free Chapel for teaching me the power of fasting and prayer. Without this church, I do not know where I would be. I never actually believed that I was worthy of healing. I believed it could happen to others, but I never imagined that it could, or would, happen to me. Thank you so much.