I had an appointment with the lawyer to discuss our divorce on Monday...

May 23, 2018

I had an appointment with the lawyer set up to discuss our divorce on Monday morning, but Sunday comes before Monday and God had prepared the message just for me.  Had my husband been sitting next to me that morning in service, I would have missed God weeping over my will be done, instead of His.

The message spoke about famine in the land, and the lure of prosperity just a few miles away.  Yet even when all logic tells you to leave this barren land, God demands that you stay. Not only stay, but to sow into that dry land and wait. Let the season pass - then harvest. Yielding one hundred fold of the investment you had sown out of obedience and faith that could hardly amount to a mustard seed.


I had sown generously into my marriage and had been hurt so deeply that bitterness plagued my every breath but worse was that my heart was turning cold against God. I didn’t even care what the harvest could be or the blessings he had in store. After leaving church that morning, I was given a refreshed perspective of who I am in Christ but more importantly the eternal implications of each choice I make in this short span I have on earth. It all matters - every choice. I will be held accountable. Let my lifesong be pleasing to the Creator that knows me.

I have been given a husband for an eternal purpose; it’s my privilege to uphold an eternal commitment. God is in control, now just let go of the wheel.

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