Sermon Notes

February 6, 2022

This is Your Year

Sermon Notes

You may feel that you have been in a rut, perhaps for years. But the hope offered to you in this message is that this is your year. Stay planted in the soil you are planted in now because this year is going to be different. You may feel fruitless, but your greatest season of producing fruit is here if you will do these two things … 

1. Dig deeper than you have ever dug before
2. Allow God to use the dung in your life for greater purposes. THIS IS YOUR YEAR.


Key Scripture:

Luke 13:6-8; Philippians 3:8; Psalm 83; Luke 11:39


Key Points:

1. God doesn’t need you to have more comfort and blessing. He needs you to grow and produce fruit. Growth can be painful, stretching, and uncomfortable. Stay planted and accept the process that is coming.


2. Don’t look to move - stay planted. The grass will always look greener somewhere else, but if you will give it one more year, you will see your greatest growth.


3. THIS is the year of breakthrough. Don’t look at your past or even way out in the future. THIS is your year of breakthrough.


4. God knows what He is doing in the vineyard. Trust Him with the process.


Two Things Have to Happen:

1. He has to dig all around you. Dig deep into the Word and prayer this year. You have to soften and become tender again. God may have to tear up the ground around you because you have become hardened. He may tear up your environment. Trust the process. You will have to dig deep—dig deeper than ever.

a. Dig for gold. God puts gold out of reach of lazy people

b. Make room for growth

c. You have one of two mindsets: (1) Comfort: Leave me alone, I’m good. Or (2) Growth: I must keep growing. 

Which are you?


2. He has to “dung” you. Without fertilizer, the tree dies. It stinks. You will have things in your life that stink. Don’t give up because of the stench, because of all the mess thrown on you.

a. God is coming back around a year from now to see if you are producing fruit, t see if you are blossoming.

b. He can fertilize you, or you can resist the process and He can cut you down and throw you away.

c. God will take everything thrown on you, the mess, to help you bring the greatest blessing.


God can take the worst of your past and put it on your roots—use it like dung—to help you grow. Then you will grow and produce like never before.


Final Thoughts:

God is giving you this year to change things. Enjoy your life in the soil where you’re are planted. The very thing trying to destroy you, God can use as fertilizer for miracles. Do the digging and embrace the dung. If you do, you will see fruit like never before. He will turn the puny into the mighty. Let God give you miracle growth in your life. He will take your failures and trials and use them like fertilizer that will nourish your roots and make you healthier than ever.


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