The Wind of the Holy Spirit

May 28, 2023

The wind is a type of the Holy Spirit all throughout Scripture. The four powerful winds in the Bible (North, South, East, and West) represent something different in Scripture. Regardless of the winds that come into your life, God controls them all and uses them for your good and His glory. Do you want the wind of the Holy Spirit to move in your life? All you must do is ask.

Key Scriptures:

John 3:6-8; Genesis 1:2; Genesis 41:6; Exodus 10:13; Psalm 78:26; Hosea 13:15; Job 37:17; Luke 12:55; Proverbs 25:23; Psalm 78:26; Psalm 148:7-8; Mark 4:39; Exodus 10:19; 1 Samuel 22:11; Psalm 104:3; Nahum 1:3; Job 38:1; Isaiah 59:19; Genesis 2:7; Acts 2:1-4, 38-39

Key Points:

  1. There are 4 winds in the Bible. God controls them all and uses them to purify and sanctify you.
    1. East Wind brings judgment. God can send judgment and corrections to purify you; learn to rejoice in them because God is in control.
    2. West wind brings change. When the West wind blows, it can change the season of life you’re in.
    3. South wind brings the heat. Good things happen when a warm south wind blows.
    4. North wind brings the cold. When the cold wind of a bad report or news blows in your life, God will use it for your good.
  2. God uses the stormy winds of adversity for your good. Sometimes destructive winds can prepare you for massive and incredible blessings; it’s all working together for good. The trials that were meant to destroy you make you more powerful. Learn to trust the storms that God allows.
  3. God is in the wind. If the wind is blowing in your life, be sure God is doing something great. You need the good and bad wind of God in your life! You can’t have the fulfillment of God’s word in your life without a stormy wind. But with it, God can reverse the curse!
  4. God is revealed in the wind. When God shows up, He uses the wind as His vehicle. When it feels like you’re losing, God will show up in a whirlwind. God often speaks when you’re in a tornado.
  5. Prophecy to the 4 winds. It takes all the wind to bring revival in your life. God can restore and bring together what has been torn to pieces and scattered. Like the Valley of Dry Bones, it doesn’t matter how messed up and scattered your life is. It all must come together when the wind of God blows because it heals everywhere it blows.
  6. Don’t be a dead windmill. 10,000 windmills can’t be wrong. When the Spirit is moving, don’t miss it; be a wind-chaser.
  7. You can cause the wind to blow. Get heated up with praise and cause the wind to blow in your life when you’re under low pressure.


Final Thoughts:

Wind throughout the Bible represents the Holy Spirit, regardless of which direction it blows. It can bring judgement, change, heat, and cold, but God controls them all. Despite what kind of wind is blowing in your life, let it blow and watch God use it for good.


Reflection Questions:

  1. Have you ever seen God use the stormy winds of life for your good?
  2. What kind of wind is blowing in your life right now?
  3. What kind of wind do you need to blow in your life?