Sermon Notes

March 21, 2021

The Power of Bold Prayers

In the generation before the birth of Christ there was a great drought. Only one Jewish prophet was left and he was known for prayer. No Word from God had come to the Jews for over one hundred years. They went to the prophet and asked him to pray for rain. As he began to pray he took a staff and began to draw a massive circle. Then he dropped to his knees and began to pray with great authority, declaring he would not move from that circle until God blessed the land with rain. History records that almost immediately raindrops started descending as the prayers were ascending. Sprinkles of rain came. While the people were amazed, the prophet was not moved by a few sprinkles. He asked for so much rain that the people would know God had moved. He prayed one last prayer—not for mere rain, but for favor on God’s people—as the rain steadied and continued for days. The drought was over and the crisis was averted. Jewish history records that the power of this one man’s prayer saved a generation. God wants us to pray great prayers. Believe for the big things and circle them with prayer!


Key Scripture
Joshua 6:3-5; Ephesians 3:20


Key Points
1. Prayers are prophecies of your future. We act like God doesn’t really hear our prayers. We forget how powerful our prayers are, and how much they mean to the Lord.


2. Your prayers are a prophecy of your future. Declare God’s promises for your life with your prayers. He still heals, and He still moves mountains. Pray like you believe that.


3. Draw a prayer circle and put your needs in it. Then keep circling prayer around every need you have.


4. When you pray, you predict your future and the future of your family. It’s a big deal when you pray. Name the names of your children when you pray. Put the right people in and take the wrong people out of your circle. The transcript of your prayers will become your future.


5. Don’t quit praying until you get an answer. Don’t stop praying until you have had a breakthrough even if it means praying day after day for as long as it takes. Use praise and worship in your prayer life, continually lifting up your voice as if circling your problems like Joshua circled those walls.


6. When you start drawing circles, God starts drawing circles around you. God will surround you with angels and sing songs of deliverance over you when you pray with persistent prayer.


7. The greatest thing parents can do is to pray together. The power of unity in a marriage is powerful. Put a prayer circle around your children and angelic surveillance will track and guard them.


8. Draw a prayer circle around your marriage. When rings are exchanged in a wedding ceremony we say, “With this ring, I thee wed.” A ring is a circle representing an unending love. The ring is a precious reminder because it is precious metal that has been refined by fire.


9. There is great power in agreement. When we place circles around what matters and come into agreement with someone, there is great power in that prayer.


10. Walk around the walls you want to lay flat. Take the time to walk around those places where there are walls between your purpose and that place. Pray with great faith, reminding God of His promises and the words He has spoken over your life.


Final Thoughts
Pray bold prayers of faith. God still answers prayers and always will. He still speaks and He still moves. Draw a circle around whatever you are believing for and start praying. Don’t stop praying until the rain starts to fall. God hears your prayers and the prayers of a righteous man or woman [still] availeth much (James 5:16). Pray BOLD prayers of faith believing for great things! Put your loved ones in that prayer circle and pray as if you were desperate for rain.


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