Sermon Notes

May 1, 2022

The Blood, The Cloud and The Sea

There is a biblical foundation for baptism. The gospel was sent from heaven. Any time the gospel is preached, the Holy Spirit comes into that room and calls the lost while also renewing and transforming the believer. The Bible teaches us about two types of baptism. There is physical baptism in water and spiritual baptism in the Holy Spirit. The second baptism is an infilling of the Holy Spirit and is scripturally based on what happened in the upper room in Acts chapter 2.


Throughout history, the presence of the Holy Spirit would fill a room, and God’s presence would be felt and experienced. The power comes down from heaven and fills a room and has been filling rooms for centuries.


Key Scripture
I Corinthians 10:1-11; I Peter 1:12; Acts 2:1; I Peter 3:20; Exodus 13:21; John 14:26; Isaiah 4:5


Key Points

1. There is water baptism and a spiritual “Niagara Falls” outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Both are possible and meant for all followers of Christ.


2. Water baptism represents that the old person has died and a new person has been born. Going under the water represents dying to self, and coming out of the water represents being born again. You become a new creation (II Corinthians (5:17).


3. Water baptism tells the demons they no longer have any claim to you. It’s a message to the enemy that they have lost the battle for your soul. The Arc saved Noah and his family. They were saved through the water because of God’s provision—the Arc. The enemies could not follow them into the water. When you are baptized, your public testimony is a message to demons that they can never have your soul.


4. God’s covering (the Holy Spirit) will be over you and your defense. His Holy Spirit will wrap you in His protection. The baptism of the Holy Spirit will be a powerful covering over your life and your family’s life.


Group Questions

1. Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior?

2. If yes, have you been baptized in water? If yes, talk briefly about that experience.

3. If you have not been baptized in water yet, will you? Do you know how to make that happen?


Three Keys for Deliverance for the People out of Egypt

1. Faith in the blood of the Lamb got them started in the process, and covered their families. Your faith in the blood of Jesus secures your salvation. Only the blood cleanses but it did not get them out of Egypt.

2. The baptism in the cloud (the Holy Spirit) did not get them out of Egypt alone.

3. The baptism in the sea (physical baptism in water). They could not be saved until they went down into the water—the sea. It wasn’t until they went down into the water that the enemy could no longer pursue and overtake them.



While all three are critical—the blood of Jesus, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and water baptism—it was the water that cut off the pursuing enemy in the Arc and in the Red Sea.


Group question

Would you like to know more about baptism in the Holy Spirit?



If yes, let your small group leader know and they will contact their leadership to provide you with a resource.


Final Thoughts

Baptism is a major part of our salvation experience. Your faith and belief in Jesus save you but your baptism is your personal testimony to the world that you have been born again and you are no longer your own. The Holy Spirit will wrap you like a blanket when you are baptized in the water and in the Holy Spirit. The blood of the Lamb, the Cloud, and the sea of water are all yours when you give your life to Christ, get baptized in water, and into the Holy Spirit.


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