Sermon Notes

September 2, 2022

The 25th Bear

Of all the bears in the wild, only one out of 25 bears are wired to kill you. The rest are just as scared of you as you are of them. But this one in 25 will lock in on you and attack.


II Kings 2:23-24


Key Points:
1.    There are some places you should not go if you are a Christian. There could be an angry bear there. You think that sin you are playing with it won’t affect you. While this may be true for 25 out of 25, there is a 25th bear who is stalking you.
2.    There are some people you should not be with if you are a Christian. There is a 25th bear out there. 


Reflection Question:
Time for some real vulnerability. Are there places you are going or people you are spending time with that you know that the Lord has told you to avoid or cut off? Have you?


3.    The 25th bear comes to steal, kill, and destroy. People play with sin to their own peril. Sin desires to rip your home to pieces. Integrity matters. Purity matters. 


4.    When sin sets in, you lose the fear, your ear, and you lose your tears. When you sin, something in you should want to run back to Jesus for forgiveness. 


Reflection Question:
Do you sense that you, spiritually, are losing your fear (dropping your inhibitions, losing your ear (don’t seem to be hearing from the Lord as you used to), or losing your tears (becoming desensitized from sin)? Do you feel like your heart is hardening? If yes, are you willing to do #5?


5.    If you are dealing with a bear, you can be free if you will:
a. Recognize and Identify that you have a problem
b. Accept that you need help from God
c.  Ask the Lord to help you
d.  Confess and Repent
e.  Cut off that angry bear from your life


Final Thoughts:
There are angry bears and if you are going to places you know you shouldn’t go or doing things you know you shouldn’t do, it’s not too late. But please beware: you may be one encounter away from that 25th bear. Confess and repent today and do not take one more step in that direction. Accept that you need help and ask the Lord to help you. You don’t have to be a victim of that 25th bear. There is nothing you have done that God cannot or will not forgive today. Confess it and repent today and be free. 


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