Sticks and Stones, Part 2

May 22, 2022

Sticks and stones go together. If people won’t praise me, the stones will. Rocks did some other pretty amazing things in the Bible as well. And God can still do amazing things through what you hold in your hands today.


Key Scripture:
Luke 19:38-40

Testimonies of Some Famous Rocks:

1. Jacob’s rock. When Jacob laid his head on me, I showed him a ladder. The next morning Jacob poured oil on me. (Gen 28:18). I symbolize a God that can give you an anointed dream.


2. Moses’ Rock. There was no provision in the desert and the people grumbled. (Exodus 17, Number 20) They were thirsty because there was no water. Moses got me and water came from me. I testify that God will be your provision.


3. Joshua’s rock. This rock was one of the many rocks that made up Jericho’s walls. We were the resistance to God’s people. (Joshua 6:20). I represent God’s ability to tear down walls of resistance. Nothing can resist you or keep you from God’s plan for your life.


4. David’s rock. I was just a Little Rock that was shaped and smoothed by the constant buffing of the river and the river floor. Then a shepherd picked me up (I Samuel 17:40). He chose me. I represent that God still kills giants. I was chosen to slay giants. (1 Samuel)


5. The rock in the hand of the demoniac (Mark 5:5). I was the rock of destruction. No one could change the man that held me, until Jesus. I represent a God that can deliver you. No matter what traps and binds you, there is a God that can deliver you.


6. The rock in the hand of Mary Magdeline (John 8:3-9). I represent the stone of forgiveness. Jesus touched dirty people, messed up people, and broken people and He brings forgiveness.


Reflection Questions:

1. Which rock do you need most today?


2. Which rock did God use to change YOUR life?


3. Who do you know that needs to know about one of these rocks?


The same power that flowed through Jesus’ body then is available to you today. Same power. Same blood. Same forgiveness. Same anointing. All are available to you today. Press in and take hold of all the Lord has for you today. Do not delay. The walls can fall today. Giants still fall. Addictions can be stopped in their tracks today. There is a God who can deliver you today. Call on the name of Jesus right now. Do not delay.

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