Sermon Notes

January 2, 2022

One With Him So I'll Be One With Them

There is a magnetism that will melt the hearts of an onlooking world when they see unity in the church. Every family, nation and every city (etc.) that is divided against itself cannot stand. When an individual does not have unity with Christ it affects their whole family. Unity and division both start with the individual.  


Key Scripture

John 17:20-21; Matthew 12:25; Matthew 24; Psalm 34; Isaiah 40; Deuteronomy 14; Genesis 6:4; Numbers 13; Proverbs 14; Ephesians 4:5; Genesis 13:8; Romans 12:10 


Key Points

1. Where Jesus is, He will gather the eagles. Eagles want to be where the body is. God says in Deuteronomy 14 that it is illegal to eat eagles. Eagles, in scripture, refer to God’s people. 

2. When eagles turn on eagles, that’s illegal with the Lord. When leaders turn on other leaders, or a family turns on each other it grieves God’s heart and brings desolation. We must strive for unity and to live in peace. 

3. Do not attack another believer or speak evil of them. Carrying offense and attacking other believers in word or deed (or gossip) creates division and God hates division among family—blood or believer. When something bothers you about another person don’t devour and don’t bite…pray. Love never fails. 

4. Competition for domination will devour a family, a church, a city, or a nation. Far too often we see other believers as competition or obstacles standing in our way rather than brothers and sisters God sent to do life with.  

5. Division tears people down and makes them susceptible to attack from the outside. “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.” We are likened as unto “grass” in scripture.  

6. Division affects our self-concept and makes a person feel less than they truly are in God’s eyes. We can diminish a person’s belief in who they are with our words and actions. We can hurt others as an unintended consequence with selfish acts and cruel words. 

7. We devastate others when they watch their heroes fight. We must always be mindful that there are watching eyes where there are quarrels, fights, and divisions. Be careful what you say, what you post, and how you treat others.  

8. How you approach conflict will affect how others view you and how they see God. There is an elephant in many rooms this holiday season. Let peace come to your home this season. Ask God for help in every conflict. 

9. Pray “Make them one.” Ask the Lord for help in every situation. Give respect where respect is due. We need to watch our words even as it relates to our national leaders.  

10. One blood, one spirit. Unity is a worthy goal in every home. You can’t be “one” if you are always having to choose sides. Be mindful of the elephants in the room, especially during the holidays and let love be your standard. Love will bring an unsaved world to God’s house and they will find hope there.  

11. It is not a sin to love someone who is steeped in sin. It doesn’t mean you have to condone sin, but you can still love another. “I don’t condone sin, but I love you.” Stand with others when you can, without sacrificing core beliefs.  


Final Thoughts

The greatest power in the world is unified families and churches. We must be washers of feet in seasons of conflict. When giants fight against each other the city falls but when giants fight beside each other the gates of hell cannot prevail. When you are confronted with difficult situations or difficult people remember this: Love Never Fails.  


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