Sermon Notes

August 29, 2021

On a Prophetic Journey

God has you and your family—your entire life—on a prophetic journey. This means if you trust Him, He is in control and you are held in His hand. So many times, our ordinary comings and goings seem insignificant, when in fact they are leading to an encounter with God that will change everything. God is WORKING it out while you are WALKING it out. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. Your steps are ordered by God. God is over all, in charge, and you are on a journey toward His great purpose for your life! It’s in daily acts of obedience that we find the purpose the Lord has for us.


Key Scripture
I Samuel 9:16-20; Isaiah 58:12


Key Points
1. God can use anyone who is willing to trust Him.
God’s direction and anointing is for those who struggle through life as well as for those who seem to have it all together. God doesn’t just use the perfect people, the important people, or the talented people. There is gold in you, and God will bring it out of you if you will trust Him.


2. God uses your inward motivation to set you on a prophetic path. It may feel like you are doing the mundane in the physical when in fact you are taking steps toward Him and His purpose for your life. Those things that interest you are gifts from God and inward motivations.


3. The loss that you experienced may be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Trust God with your setbacks, your missteps, and failures. Many times the loss of something and the challenges of this life are actually a set-up for His next assignment for you.


4. God has the next generation on a prophetic path in a season of loss. God is up to something for our children and our children’s children. Your job is to keep them on the right path. Bring them to church, provide for them, love them, and teach them about Jesus and His ways. God will take it from there.


5. You have to eat what the prophet is cooking. Take His teachings to heart. When your pastor is preaching, take it in like spiritual food. It’s not about what you want to do. It’s about what God wants to do through you. God has a great destiny for your life, if you will submit to the journey on which He has you. If you will eat what He is serving, you will receive a miracle.


6. Sometimes it takes the tough times and the lonely times to shape you for His plan. Pain and difficulty are there to make you more sensitive to others and to God’s voice in the valleys.


7. God knows how to recover what’s been lost in your life. He is the God of restoration. Losses can many times lead to a prophetic promise.


8. Something big is about to happen. But it’s going to take His people who sense it and can be used in it.


9. While He’s ordering your steps, He’s lining them up in front of you. It’s already coming your way, and it’s not a small thing He is about to do. God is setting up the encounters you will need at each new level of opportunity.


10. We will be called the repairers of the divide on a national and international level. We will be called the restorers of the streets to dwell in. Don’t allow the cares of our nation and our world to trouble you.


11. To those 18-years old through early 30’s: God has targeted you to do amazing things in the next move of God. God’s anointing will come on you for a prophetic journey. Get ready!


Final Thoughts
Something is about to happen in your life. A kingdom connection is about to take place. Are you ready? We are going to recover what we’ve lost in the church. Church as usual will no longer be enough and God is about to do a mighty thing in you and in the church. You are going to recover what you’ve lost in your business, your finances, and any other area of your life. What God is about to do in your life is too important for you to be “chasing donkeys.”


God is going to do something amazing in the world through this generation. He will pour an anointing on this generation like no other. America’s foundations have been destroyed, but God will raise up an end-time army to rebuild the foundation. There is a mind-boggling revival coming to this nation. Jesus could come right now, but we need to plan for 100 years. Fear not. Do not back up. We carry the presence of the Holy Spirit into every situation we encounter. Losing our pride is the first step; there is victory in yielding to God’s will for your life today. Give yourself away to God today.


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