God Uses Life's Bruises

October 31, 2021

There are times the Lord tells us to do something and we refuse to do it. Disobedience brings consequences. When God says to do something, do not delay. Do it immediately. Don’t allow the pains of the past to cause you to be timid today.


Key Scripture:

I Kings 20:35-38; I Chronicles 2:16; II Samuel 23; II Corinthians 12:9; Genesis 32; Judges 9:53-54; I Kings 20


Key Points:

1. If you refuse to obey God’s voice, then God may give your call to someone else. When God opens doors for you, and you delay going in, God may replace you with someone else who will go now. If you systematically disobey the Lord, He will raise up another.


2. God will use the difficult and painful things in life to shape the message you carry. Your battleground experiences give weight to your words. Don’t allow your pain from past experiences to become your excuse for not doing what God asks you to do today.


3. Your wounds qualify you. The weightier your past experiences, the weightier your words in the future. Some things in life you may never get over, but if you do not quit, you will get through it. And if you give it to God, He will use your past to shape someone else’s future


4. Throw away your excuses. Many things in life can wound you. Don’t let those wounds become your excuse to give up. Don’t tell God about your excuses—tell your excuses about your God.


5. You don’t get to choose the wounds you will receive. But you do get to choose your response. You decide what kind of attitude you have.


6. What will your wounds produce? Do not transfer the pain of your past to the next generation. Give your pain a different name that is useful to your children’s future. Use your wounds to produce greatness in your offspring.


7. God will give you grace for every hit life gives you. Do not allow the enemy to make you shrink back. Greater is He that is in you than He who is in the world.


8. Your wounds qualify you for the days we are in. Jesus was wounded for our sins—He went through it for others. And now, it is our time to be wounded for the transgressions of others so that we might win them and save their souls.


9. Don’t give up. God’s not through with you. Don’t allow the difficult days we are in to cause you to quit and withdraw from the fight.


10. What will your wounds produce? Will they give weight to your future or weigh you down to the point of giving up? Call for the Word of God to heal you and carry your scars as badges of honor and arrows of experience for your future.


Final Thoughts:

We are in the last days and there are difficult times coming. The signs of the times are all around us. We are being diminished as a nation and as a people of faith. End Times prophecies and the times we are walking in today are parallel paths. We will all experience tribulation in the days ahead and we cannot shrink back when we go through difficult times.


We are overcomers. We are MORE than conquerors. YOU are an overcomer. YOU are more than a conqueror. Give your past pain and your current pain to God, and allow Him to turn it into a message of salvation.


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