Mothers Feel Terror, Children Traumatized, but Help is Near!

Michal Uziyahu is a mother who knows firsthand the intensity of trying to find safety for her children as rockets rain down terror around them. But she says, in this update from Eshkol, “before long, we will be protected.” The recent escalation in southern Israel specifically targeted the very communities where you, our friends and partners of this ministry, are helping us build four fortified bomb shelters and the Eshkol Region Trauma Center and Playschool. In fact, the one which has been completed was able to be used!


“We can sincerely say that you have saved lives by affording us this bomb shelter. Our residents give thanks to your organization daily during these uncertain times.”


Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we work to deliver the Word and love of Jesus Christ to our Jewish brothers and sisters, and around the world!




With your help, and in partnership with the Jewish National Fund, in addition to the Eshkol Regional Trauma Center and Playschool, we’re constructing four fortified bomb shelters throughout the Eshkol region of Israel to help protect families with children and infants from the frequent rocket attacks launched by terrorist cells in the nearby Gaza Strip. It’s one of the greatest needs in those communities, and I believe, allows you and I to be a part of fulfilling biblical prophecy in the Holy Land.


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