"We know, with your support, we will have better days."

Michal Uziyahu and Mayor of Eshkol, Gadi Yarkoni, give a brief update in the aftermath of the violent escalation which recently came to a halt in Israel.  Yarkoni says, "You know I am always smiling and feeling very confident," but added "even I, in these days had many moments of feeling helpless." If we've learned one thing from the many interviews we've done in recent years in Israel, it's that positivity, gratitude, and resilience are traits that cannot be shaken from the Jewish people. Even in their darkest hours they find the will to push forward.


Today, thanks in part to the generosity of the friends and partners of Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries who are commited to helping build fortified bomb shelters and complete the Eshkol Regional Trauma Center and Playschool, Yarkoni and his community can find hope. They can push forward. And they know there are better days ahead for their children.


Yarkoni was elected to his position shortly after the war in Gaza in 2014, where he lost both his legs in a mortar blast just one hour before the ceasefire took effect on the last day of Operation Protective Edge. As he entered his position six years ago, he said he was looking forward to beginning a true journey of "leading the Eshkol Regional Council resolutely forward, with love and devotion for all its residents." We couldn't agree more, and remain committed to the call of God to "Comfort, comfort my people" (Is. 40:1).


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