Sermon Notes

November 29, 2020

Worship is a Big Deal to Me

In every election, there is a winner and there is a loser, but either way, Jesus is still on the throne! Do not be discouraged when you see all the craziness going on in the world, and especially in the aftermath of the election and as the pandemic rages on. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. There is an enemy that wants to steal the song of God’s people. We are a people of hope and promise and our worship is needed now more than ever. Don’t allow the enemy to steal your song, especially now.

Key Scripture
Psalm 137:1; Genesis 49; Psalm 150

Key Points
1. When conditions change, the enemy whispers “Hang it up.” Satan’s goal is to discourage you, steal your joy, and cause you to stop worshipping and believing. Don’t fall for it.

2. Worship is a weapon. Worship is not just praise, and songs, and hymns … it’s a weapon. When we worship, we invade the devil’s territory.

3. Satan knows more about the power of worship than anyone. Satan was the worship leader in heaven before he fell. He knows it’s our most powerful weapon. He makes worshippers his target, so do not be surprised when he attacks. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

4. When we praise God, we build a bridge from earth to heaven. Worship is like connective tissue—literally touching heaven.

5. Praise and worship bring revelation. Worship will show you who your God really is and remind you who you are. As you worship, God gets bigger and the enemy runs. When praying people get together, warriors emerge. You have to be a worshipper and a warrior at the same time.

6. Worship begins in the sanctuary and the temple. Sanctuary: When we gather in church and worship together, we gain the attention of heaven. Temple: Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and the throne room of God is in your heart. Worship Him!

7. The tremendous power of worship is in human hands. God uses YOUR hands to bring worship before Him. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

8. We have to become people of worship or else we become prisoners of war. People that don’t learn how to worship end up in captivity.

9. You must: Not allow your identity to be defined by your circumstances. Allow the Lord to define your identity—you are a child of God. Don’t feel inferior to anyone. Your value is not determined by your geography—it’s defined by your genealogy. Your identity is “A child of God!” Do not allow WHERE you are to define WHO you are. Worship right where you are. Do not allow your location to define your purpose. Don’t allow the times we are living in to define who you are. Only Jesus gets to define WHO you are.

10. Stop sitting and crying and start standing and worshipping. When you stop standing for what is right, pure, and true, you sit down in your troubles. Don’t trade your heart for a handkerchief.  Stand up and declare you are a child of God. You are not a victim you are a victor! Your God calls you BY YOUR NAME!

11. Worship is your hedge of protection. The enemy’s first target is your worship because it’s your hedge of protection. When Job went through his trials, Satan first stole his animals—the very things Job laid on the altar in worship. Satan attacked his hedge of worship and that will be the first place of attack for you. Worship anyway.

12. Joy comes in the morning. Worship gets us through the night and into the morning. There is an “AFTER THIS” coming. After the new president is inaugurated. After the pandemic ends. If ever there was a time when worship was needed it’s NOW.

Final Thoughts
The church is going through the same things the world is going through, and the world is asking the church for a song of hope—asking for our worship. The world is looking for hope and light and faith. We have to get our harps out of the willow trees and lift up our voices. We must bring the sound of victory and salvation to a world in desperate need of hope and salvation.


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