Sermon Notes

March 17, 2024

The Power of a Proper Perspective

Sermon Notes


The Promise Land doesn’t represent Heaven; it represents the land of dreams that God has given you. Canaan was not a type of Heaven; it was a type of victory. And as you enter the place of victory and dreams, you must have the proper perspective because there will be giants in the way! There are two kinds of mindsets you can have: grape-tasters and giant-talkers. Before God’s people could go into the Promise Land, He wanted to do three things:

Key Scriptures:

Numbers 13:23-33

Key Points:

  1. He wanted them to get a vision of where they were going. You will never achieve beyond where you are until you get a picture of it. You must see yourself beyond where you are. God let the people of Israel bring the grapes back from Canaan to give them a picture of what they could have. Get a picture of yourself doing what God has called you to do.
  2. He wanted them to taste the grapes. Like a free sample at the mall, God wants you to have a taste of the promise so you will come in and have the whole thing. While everyone else was talking about how big the giants were, Joshua and Caleb talked about how big the grapes were! You are not called to be a grasshopper; you are called to be a grape-taster.
  3. He wanted to test their perception. Don’t belittle yourself or compare yourself to others. Grasshoppers see obstacles; grape tasters see opportunity. Don’t talk like a victim; talk like a victor! Any time you get an opportunity, there will be giants that come. Don’t compare yourself to giants, compare the giants to God! God is greater and they are weaker.

Final Thoughts:

God has a promise land of dreams for you! But you will have to deal with the problems to get the provision. You will have to fight for your dream! God is on the throne and He will take care of everything you need. God has grapes of prosperity and blessings for you if you’re willing to face the giants.