Sermon Notes

November 27, 2015

Seven Valleys That Destroy Destiny

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My life story isn’t supposed to read like this.” Chapters added without your consent. A bliss-filled marriage crumbling out of nowhere. A dream job serving you a pink slip. Maybe even the loss of a child.

Being at the bottom can be a bit overwhelming, heartbreaking and terrifying. It is the petri dish Satan uses to deter us from our destiny, and often times, it works.

When your spirit is crushed, it can be paralyzing. But only if you let it. Like a seed, it is in our burial where true life blossoms. Psalms 51:17 in the Message version says it best, “I learned God-worship when my pride was shattered. Heart-shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.”

We often glorify the high places in life: graduations, weddings, babies, birthdays, holidays … and rightfully so. But if you were to truly reflect and analyze your life, I would bet that it is your low times that grew you in ways you never even knew needed expansion.

You may find yourself this very day in the midst of a valley. Your life story may have taken an unforeseen turn and you are left in its path, winded, wounded and heartbroken. Let me encourage you that even when all seems hopeless, all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to his purposes!

Hang in there. One day at a time, by His guiding grace, you will see the other side of this. Moreover, you will step out of this an overcomer. He will use your testimony to defeat the very enemy who sought to destroy you. You will be a testament to His goodness, and hope to those around you. You will make it, and be better for it.

As a fellow sojourner of the valley, I can tell you that I know He who has promised is faithful. Always faithful.