Sermon Notes

November 19, 2023

4 Ways God Will Provide

Sermon Notes

When God sends a wave of blessing your way, there are 4 ways God can bless you. The waves of blessing are moving toward you, but God doesn’t always bless you the same way. So, how does God bless His people?

Key Scriptures:

Genesis 45:7; Luke 6:38; I Kings 17:6; Luke 2:52; Exodus 16:14; Joshua 5:12; Deuteronomy 11:10; Numbers 14:9; Psalm 66:12

Key Points:

1. Man’s Hand. God will bless you by using other people. God can send someone into your life to create a kingdom connection. God can give you powerful connections. But even though God can use others to bless you, don’t go looking for someone to bless you. Instead, be the hand that blesses others.

2. God’s Hand. Oftentimes, this is forced dependency. If you don’t watch yourself, you will become too dependent on man’s hand. Even when God brings people into your life, they are not your source; God is. God knows what you need and will bless you according to the size of your assignment. If it’s His will, it’s His bill!

3. Your Hand. You don’t have to live from emergency to emergency when God gives you a land flowing with milk and honey. But this kind of land requires work. God won’t do what He’s already gifted you to do. Find what God has gifted you to do, and do it!

4. Enemy’s Hand. If you go through the fire and the flood without losing your confidence in God, He will bless you! Satan’s attack against you is a sign that you are a high-value target. The level of your attack will tell you the value you are to God in your assignment and the level of blessing waiting on you on the other side of your attack.

Final Thoughts:

Have you given anything for God to multiply? If you sow little, you will only reap little. That time, this time, and every time, God will not fail, forget, or forsake you. God will take you to a wealthy place if you put Him first, and don’t give up when it gets tough!