New Beginnings

February 22, 2022

Margot's Story


New Beginnings has been expanding at an accelerated rate. Along with most of the nation and the world, they have been affected by COVID-19. One time, they had to close the doors from bringing in new women into the ministry. Thankfully, things have began to resolve. 


On Sunday, February 6, they held a graduation ceremony for 19 of the women who have completed the twelve-month program. Below is a copy of just one of the graduate's testimonies:


"My name is Margot and I entered New Beginnings in January of 2018. I was 30 y/o at the time and I had been bound by addiction for 16 years; since I was 14 y/o. For the last 6 years of my addiction, I used IV drugs. I lost everything I had ever loved and cared for. At the top of that list were my two children. Beginning at 16, I was in and out of every institution imaginable. You name it, I was sent there. Between six different facilities that I attended I left with the same desire to get high; whether I completed it or not. I felt hopeless and that I was just going to die in addiction, so why not get high? On 1/16/18, I entered New Beginnings. On March 9th a few weeks later, I got born again at a Friday night prayer meeting. I finally surrendered my heart and my life to Jesus Christ. Ezekiel 36:26 is my testimony and my story. God gave me a new heart and a new spirit. My heart came with new desires, the desire to love God and to serve Him. I wanted to be a mother and that replace my old desire of wanting to get high. New Beginnings set me up in an environment where I could meet Jesus every day. That’s what truly sets New Beginnings apart from any other program that I have ever been to. After I became born again I began to really meet with Him and the more I got to know the Lord the more I fell in love with Him, and I have been falling ever since that prayer meeting. Jesus, He is the best person/thing I have ever known. On January 16 made 4 years of recovery. I have only been able to achieve that because of my relationship with the Lord. My life, my sobriety, and the restoration that has happened with my children and family are all found within my relationship with the Lord. It really is all about Jesus!!!"