New Beginnings

June 13, 2018

Carly and Caitlin Find Freedom from Addiction

New Beginnings continues to provide life-changing rehabilitation programs that bring freedom to women struggling with addiction.Through God’s love and power, strongholds are being torn down.

Caitlin is one example. She recently graduated from the New Beginnings program, finally winning her 13-year battle with addiction:


“I’ve had soul ties broken that I never thought would be broken. I realize now that my relationship with God is so much more important than anything else, especially when it comes to putting Him first…cause it’s something I never did before. And now I see Him at work bringing things together…and it’s pretty awesome!”


Carly is another graduate who has been freed from addiction:


“Addiction had me by the soul. Looking back on how my life used to be is really a big difference from how it is now. Before, I remember being in my addiction and just being dead inside. But to look at who I am now…God has put so much love in my heart for other people.”


Addiction is no match for our great God. The weapons of our warfare are mighty in God to pull down strongholds—including the stronghold of addiction.

Now even more women can be reached with the message of hope and freedom! New Beginnings has recently opened “Dorm 4,” allowing even more women to be housed and helped. 

So many women need help to break the stronghold of addiction. The need is great, but together we can continue to grow the impact and effectiveness of New Beginnings.


Your generosity helps keep the doors of the New Beginnings center open, providing women with a place to recover from the dark and seemingly hopeless grasp of addiction. Your faithful support is bringing transformation and restoration to so many in such desperate need. 


Thank you for partnering with Kingdom Connection to make all of this possible.

God bless you for your generosity!




Thank you for making a difference and your continued support!