Disaster Relief

Word of Life Refugee Center in Ukraine

If you feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness watching the crisis in Ukraine, you are not alone. But you can help. You can make a difference. Families are making it to safety, all thanks to the outpouring of support from partners of this ministry, finding a place of rest and solace to help them on their journey.


More than three million refugees have now left Ukraine, with millions more displaced inside the country. Analysts expect up to ten million possible refugees before this war is over. Some, the lucky few, have hope of reaching family or friends across the border, but more and more Ukrainians are leaving their homes behind without a plan or destination. As they leave eastern Ukraine to head west, there are refugee centers like this one, the Word of Life Refugee Center in Khmelnitskiy, taking in as many of the displaced as they can to offer food, shelter, hygiene, and as this mom from Sumy says in the video, a chance to play!


We are here in this time of uncertainty—in what is Europe’s most devastating migrant crisis since World War II—to send comfort, hope, and love. This is Jesus. As believers, we are called to be a shelter for the troubled, a shadow from the heat; we are called to feed the hungry and give water to the thirsty. Every effort makes a difference!


Pray for a Sovereign Ukraine. Pray for a peaceful end to this invasion. Pray for the safety of those fleeing war and those in harm’s way protecting the innocent. Pray for families to be reunited.




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