Disaster Relief

March 18, 2022

Helping Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian refugees are fleeing by the millions. In the three weeks since Russia launched its attack, more than three million people have already crossed the border, with millions more displaced domestically. An expected 7 million more will flee before this conflict is over. Statistically, children represent half of all refugees …


We want to do everything to help our ministry partners there in Ukraine. They have the resources to provide food, water, and necessities for as many women, children, and the elderly as possible. There is a large Jewish population in Ukraine, and many of the elderly are holocaust survivors, having been born in war, lived a life full of conflict, and now, in their final days, find themselves fleeing war again. But they are not alone in fearing for their lives. The kinsmanship runs deep between Russia and Ukraine; for many, this war feels like a battle between brother and brother.


In his letter to the World Evangelical Alliance, Vitaly Vlasenko, General Secretary of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, said:


“Many Russians and Ukrainians have close family relations in the opposite country. For example, a Russian may have daughters and grandchildren living in Kyiv; a Ukrainian may have children living and working in Moscow. Today, pain, fear, and deep sorrow for their loved ones and the future of their own lives and countries pierce the hearts of many people like lightning because, since the Second World War, no one knows the limits of war and its consequences may be.”


It’s true and unsettling, and no one knows the limits of war, but we know our God has no limits to the miracles He can do! These refugees have hope of returning home to a sovereign Ukraine. Weeks ago, they carried on normal, peaceful everyday lives like you and me. Today, they’re praying to make their way safely through humanitarian corridors to escape shelling and bombing from Russian military forces. We can pray for divine intervention and send tangible relief today!


You can help provide comfort for those in need. For example, our partnership with Y.E.L. (Yad Ezer L’Haver) and the Jentezen Franklin Comfort My People Central Warehouse Ukraine makes it possible for your gift of support to go to work immediately, providing relief to those in need.


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