Daily Devotion

January 29, 2021

Why you need a relationship with God

“He walked with Me in peace and equity.” Mal 2:6 NKJV


From the very first chapter of Genesis, it’s clear that a relationship with God is the foundation upon which everything in our lives must be built. If we try to build on anything else, we’re building on quicksand. Why? Because sooner or later our relationship with our children, our siblings, our spouse, our parents, and our friends will break down. If we don’t understand that we were created with an intense hunger for a relationship with God, we won’t understand where the inner void and loneliness come from. And as a result, we’ll try (unsuccessfully) to fill it with three things: (1) People. Having the right person in your life can help fulfill your need for love and emotional intimacy, but no one other than God can fill the spiritual emptiness within you. (2) Things. Having material things can give us comfort and convenience. Having money can give us options to do good; options the less fortunate can only dream of. But you can have material things and still be lonely and unhappy. (3) Religion. God’s not interested in religion; He’s interested in having a relationship with you. Religion only becomes significant when it enhances that relationship, which it doesn’t always do. Oftentimes religious rules and regulations become a deterrent to a relationship with God. The Bible is filled with religious people who missed connecting with God altogether. Sometimes we’re so preoccupied with our religious ideologies, teachings, doctrines, and principles that we fail to understand that what really matters most in life is a personal, intimate, daily, talking-and-listening relationship with God.