Daily Devotion

December 23, 2022

When it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas

“He sent me to…heal the heartbroken.” Isa 61:1 MSG


At this time of year, it’s tempting to buy into the myth that everybody else is enjoying a picture-perfect Christmas. The truth is, there are thousands out there whose lives have been forever altered by death, divorce, sickness, and financial problems. Tammy Hanson Maltby writes: “It was December 20. There was no hint of Christmas around our house…Most years, our tree was up the day after Thanksgiving…Christmas music…and luscious aromas filled the air…Our house had been Christmas central. Not this year…My 20-year marriage had just dissolved…My budget was stretched…and my spirit was strained even further. Some days I could barely manage to get out of bed…All four of my kids were home on Christmas break. And there was still no tree. ‘This is really depressing,’ I heard one of them grumble, and my heart broke again. ‘I’ll get a tree tomorrow,’ I repeated. Even I didn’t believe my words. That evening…I heard voices…in the…basement…There, near the piano, stood the scruffy little artificial conifer…I’d bought…years before, and I used it to hang [the kids’] school ornaments…creations that just didn’t look right on my majestic, fragrant, decorated, upstairs tree…The kids had…set it up, draped it with lights, and hung their childhood ornaments…It was still scruffy, but it was beautiful…I was happy…And overcome with gratitude that they had gotten together to make it happen for me.” If you’re having a tough Christmas, don’t beat yourself up. Remember, you can get through anything for one day. (See Dt 33:25). Jesus understands. He came to “heal the heartbroken,” so turn to Him this Christmas and ask Him to restore your peace and joy.