Daily Devotion

What’s the basis of your self-worth?

August 31, 2019

“Be satisfied with what you have.”  Heb 13:5 NLT


One morning, a businessman saw a fisherman lounging on his boat drinking coffee.   “You’re back early,” he shouted. The sailor replied, “I’ve caught enough. I’m through for the day.” The businessman said, “Why not go out again? If you keep going out you can catch more fish and increase your income, buy a second boat, hire a crew, and become rich like me.” The man replied, “Why should I do that?” The businessman said, “So you’ll be free to do what you want and enjoy life.” Grinning, the fisherman said, “But that’s exactly what I’m doing right now!” The Bible says, “Be satisfied with what you have,” yet many of us base our self-worth on what we own or achieve. We only feel good about ourselves when we’re involved in certain relationships or live in certain neighborhoods or reach certain goals. We tell ourselves, “When I earn more money, or make company president, or lose fifty pounds, etc., I’ll be okay.” So, what’s the basis of your self-worth today? If you’re not sure, ask yourself, “What can I not live without?” Is there somebody you’re afraid will leave you? A job you’re too involved in? Is there something you need to accomplish before you feel complete? It is both scriptural and wise to have goals for your life, but don’t undermine yourself by believing that you’re “less than” because you’ve achieved or acquired less than someone else. The Scriptures teach that when you make God’s purposes your number one priority, “He will…give you all you need…For it gives your Father great happiness to give you [the benefits of] the Kingdom” (Lk 12:31-32 TLB).

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